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Board Game Archaeology

The Toy Archaeologists search for the hidden gems in the near-infinite layers of entertainment devices over the years.

Whether it’s brushing the dust off of board games, chipping the gunk from figurines, or restoring interesting trinkets,

the Archaeologists will bring forgotten or nostalgic things to the present day in all their glory or infamy.

This weeks episode

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Hunter knows a little about a lot and could not possibly have enough time to look into everything that catches his eye. He particularly enjoys the wackier content of our reality and won’t (or can’t) say that the bizarre consistently keeps him on his toes and curious to see what’s next.

Rob is a hobbyist in all things geeky and weird, from sculpting, diorama, and model work, animation, and much, much more. An encyclopedia of media, he favors kaiju, superheroes, dinosaurs, and horror movie monsters. If there’s not a monster it better be fun.